Grease Pencil traditional ink brush and texture pack for Blender

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I made a video explaining how I use these brushes! You can watch it here:

This pack contains 6 brushes that I made in the style of traditional inks. My goal was to create "bad" ink brushes: brushes that are leaky and blobby and old. Coupled with my stamp brushes, made from real ink washes and textures, I think it creates a pretty impressive illusion - and even more impressive when that piece comes to life!

What you get


Download a .Blend file that contains my 6 ink brushes.

There is now a second version for slow, precise work (see update below).

For how to add these to any .Blend file, please refer to the video at 1:10 to 2:47


Previous reward, PLUS download a .Blend file that contains 90 stamp brushes.

For details on how to use them, please refer to the video at 8:15 to 12:16

(make sure to SELECT the 4$+ option BEFORE typing the $ amount and adding to cart! If you realize you've purchased the wrong version please email me)

August 11, 2021 UPDATE:

Thanks to your feedback, I learned that these brushes aren't ideal for slow, precise work - so I made a second version that is!

These brushes all have "precise" following their name, and their icons are darker to help you differentiate between the two. I recommend trying both out to see which one(s) work best for you.

I also made a video talking about fixing my ink brushes:

Thank you!

Your support helps me to keep making videos, tutorials, and cool grease pencil stuff :)

I'm so grateful for this community and I hope you have a great time using these brushes!

You can reach me at for questions/concerns

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Grease Pencil traditional ink brush and texture pack for Blender

393 ratings
I want this!